POS Terminals

Our user-friendly touch-screen computers with tight revenue controls and powerful programming capabilities are available in several models. The point of sale systems are also equipped with dispatch terminal software for dual functionality and maximum efficiency.

In the casino world, player’s club card status and points can now be used for valet parking privileges. With the swipe of a player’s club card, your valet staff can recognize which casino customers merit valet parking privileges, offer complimentary parking, automatically move their vehicle requests to the top of the queue, and greet them by name of course. (Bally Casino Management Technologies Integrates with CVPS). Several interfaces have been developed with a variety of options and functionality. Should yours not be on the list, our development team is quite familiar with the process of creating interface to suit your specific needs.


Utilizing a variety of top-shelf PC-solutions, we are happy to work with you on implementing the hardware platform of your choice. The majority of our systems are deployed using Dell, HP or IBM computers and servers, but our software will run on many brand name machines, as long as they are configured with the correct operating system and SQL database.
While our PC-based solutions are by far the most popular choice for our technology deployments, micros does offer a robust POS terminal that is low cost, quickly deployed and easy to maintain. Designed for service and entertainment markets, harsh operating conditions and a large numbers of workstations, this terminal can be a perfect alternate for arenas, stadiums and outdoor operations.

Our full featured Mobile Terminal Solutions are perfect for curbside valet set-ups, where permanent valet desks are not feasible. This lightweight aluminum construction includes a touch screen flat-panel, receipt printer, barcode scanner, wireless link option, automatic cash-drawer, a thermal card-stock ticket printer, a built-in key-rack to accommodate up to 200 keys and lockable, inflatable castor wheels.

Shown below is a partial list of the many external software products to which CVPS can interface.