Mobile Technology

After Steve Jobs decided to take over the Universe, it created a whole new set of possibilities for the valet parking world as well. Pre-i-revolution, the mobile devices where clunky, anything but user-friendly, and the connectivity was best when wearing a hat made out of tinfoil.

Today, we all know how well it works. Leveraging this technology for all phases of the valet parking experience, the arrival, parking and retrieval process are now easily tracked, accommodated and managed in real-time. Customer name recognition, point of sale functionality and valet dispatch functionality – all within a few smart key-strokes, scans or swipes.

As you can see, both form and function have been equally important considerations in our take on the ultimate mobile solution. Graphically rich, yet crisp and clean, the user interface is as pleasing to the eye as it is effective in managing the valet process itself. A simple front end, with a very sophisticated user customizable back-end. In concert with today’s ‘my-this’ revolution, the functional profile is user-log-in specific, meaning, you can do it your own way. From input order, to input method, to screen colors …. you pick. Right ?

Having been valet parking operators for over 20+ years in our past lives, we understand what happens in the lane, which is why we have created several input modes to choose from, mix and match. Options include the manual, visual and voice mode. Without getting into too much detail, the visual and voice input modes are smart first to market features, very much in tune with our company’s vision of creating new and exciting ways for tasks that might otherwise be considered mundane and boring. Visual Valet ™ and Valet Talk ™ are two such concepts you’ll hear much about in the future as it relates to the method of operating a valet operation.
Nothing like a picture that tells the story of when something did or did not happen and removing the angst of having to confront your customer or client by injecting some objectivity that is pretty much indisputable. Aside from being a customer facing technology, the valet app is also very effective for the valet behind the scenes. Adding parking space information or receiving a vehicle request alert are just a couple of examples of how it keeps the valet engaged at all times.
The Linea Pro was popularized as the hardware used in Apple Retail stores to facilitate rapid customer checkout. It is a sleeve for an iPod/iphone that makes it a single unit, which is very convenient for the valet app. In addition to providing a reasonable level of durability and protection to the mobile device, it also offers a hot-swappable battery that not only powers the scanner but also serves to keep the iPod or iPhone fully charged. The Linea Pro is available with either a 1D or 2D barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, which makes it perfectly suited for point-of-sale applications where the ticket can be scanned and the customer’s credit card swiped. And yes, you can add a tip for the valet too.
That being said, most of the mobile features can be implemented without the Linea Pro. By downloading our valet app, valets are able to use their own mobile devices to monitor retrievals and enter basic information. Even scanning a barcode can be done with an app that engages the built-in camera, but it is only second best to using a true laser scanner equipped device, such as the Linea Pro. The optimal mobile hardware deployment is therefore a combination of both. Linea Pro enabled devices for the lane personnel that meet, greet and expedite guest arrivals and departures, and valet app enhanced mobile devices that the valets carry to manage the parking and retrieval of vehicles.