License Plate Recognition has weaved its powerful optical character recognition technology into a wide range of applications, including Perimeter Access Security, Gated Communities, Parking Revenue Control, Fleet Vehicle Management and several other niche markets. CheckPointLPR’s versatile software platform allows the technolgy to be customized for a variety of applications, in all cases automating labor intensive processess, increasing the level of security and providing smart access. License plates are captured at up to 75mph and instantly compared against your personalized database, allowing you to create a variety of alerts when a plate is matched.

Perimeter Security

The world has changed. The need to know more about who is visiting your domain has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. Controlling your entry points with high speed license plate recognition technology has become a very effective way to ensure you are not caught off guard.

A VIP entering your Casino Resort property may trigger a text message to alert the casino host. An employee pulling into the wrong parking area may be called in for a reminder and a stolen vehicle match against the NCIC can alert security to greet the suspect in the parking lot.

This technology is also a perfect fit for Residential Complexes to track visitor and resident access, Airports for added security and revenue control purposes and many other environments such as Shopping Malls, Hospitals and even Car-washes to help manage customer loyalty programs.

Gated Communities

License plate recognition can be utilized to complement gated community access control systems, providing valuable information on the arrival and departure traffic within a private community. Our web-based portal provides residents and others the ultra convenience of adding an expected guest’s name and vehicle information into the database for a safe and planned arrival. Once the guest’s license plate is captured, a text message and/or e-mail can alert multiple recipients to announce the guest’s arrival.

Globally, Gated Communities are prospering, even in real estate markets where traditional housing mediums are now faltering. Initiated in South Africa, and growing in the United States, the UK, and on the outskirts of prominently prospering cities across the globe, there is a significant attraction for those of us who enjoy the prestige, the secure feeling that we get, and the separated lifestyle associated with such an upscale living environment. Some Gated Communities use guards to secure their entryways, while others use keypads with password-codes, which are changed only every 6-months and eminently end up getting memorized by others who do not live there but who wish to gain access. CheckPointLPR™ (License Plate Recognition) is a powerful tool to capture, record, analyze, and store the records of those who access these hopefully secure and largely “self-policed” environments.

Parking Revenue Control

Increase your revenue 5%-20% by ensuring that the tickets and vehicles are not creatively manipulated to pay a reduced parking fee. If you operate a conventional self-parking garage that issues tickets upon entry, matching the vehicle plate with the ticket upon entry and exit is a sure way to minimize theft.

LPR can also be used to print the license plate onto the ticket and will automatically alert the cashier upon exit if there is no match – logging any exceptions into the system for audit purposes. Any type of event can be configured to trigger messages to be sent via e- mail or text to your manager’s cell phone.

Service Tracking Systems has a comprehensive knowledge base for Parking Revenue Control Systems, including Airports, Valet Parking Operations, Commercial Garages, Hotel Resorts and mixed use properties.

Fleet Vehicle Management

Managing the logistics of a large vehicle fleet can be very challenging, especially if you are not utilizing an automatic process that connects the movement of your vehicles to its drivers. Perfect for trucks, taxies, limos or company vehicles, a lane mounted LPR camera can be used in conjunction with an access control reader, capturing the vehicle plate and driver I.D. with a simple barcode or proximity card.

Entrance or exit events can also set to trigger a text message or e-mail, should you want to know when your drivers are coming and going. A number of reports are at your fingertips providing you with the necessary information to make sound decisions.

In addition to the tracking element of our CheckPointLPR application, this technology also interfaces to our Count Systems and Access Control product lines to provide you with full-featured solutions and seamlessly integrated systems.

If you would like to explore the suitability of this product for an application not covered in this section, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. Our experienced Consulting team will be glad to discuss your needs and follow up with a system recommendation. Customizing existing technologies or creating new features is our specialty.